Am I the only one who likes the Kunze Panzer over the PTA? Am I playing the PTA wrong?

I got the Kunze panzer with tokens and really liked it. Because of that, I read that the PTA was just the Kunze but better and I got it and fully upgraded the modules and I guess I’m a little disappointed?

The PTA is better in some ways. The gold round is god tier, and the slight extra alpha is really nice too.

However I feel way more exposed playing the PTA. Theres way less depression so I’m a much bigger target and as a result I feel like everything hits me. The camo on the PTA is slightly worse and I feel like the Kunze is faster. The kunze is significantly smaller so I feel like less hits me.

The gun handling feels way worse on the PTA IMO. Like the Kunze out of siege mode isn’t great, but I was able to get it down to .34 without food which is acceptable. However within siege mode, I can snapshot for days. I can peek over a hill and reasonably snapshot a weakspot. With the PTA, I feel like I have to wait ages for the reticle to get smaller or risk my shot going everywhere.

Am I playing the PTA wrong? Do the field mods make much of a difference? I was planning on keeping the PTA when I get the Leo 1, but I’m already tired of the PTA sometimes.

Like I have god tier games in both occasionally, but I feel like there are more situations where I miss the Kunze more when playing the PTA, than vice versa where I’d be playing the PTA and missing the Kunze.

I’m running rammer, and vert stabs on both tanks. Bounty IAU on my Kunze, and Optics on my PTA. I have a 4 skill crew with BIA and full Camo, etc etc etc as well.

Will I even like the Leo 1?

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