Ammo Racks causing HE to be reloaded or entire clip.

First off my HE key is remapped to 9 and I am running no mods. My crew does not have intuition I never pick that skill/perk.

OK pretty much I have been playing enough lately and have noticed this….. 4 ammo racks same behavior. I can see in the replay the ammo rack followed HE getting selected once selected once and loaded in the next reload without me hitting 9 key… physically impossible for me to hit the 9 key with the left hand while maneuvering.

Is this supposed to be the behavior in game for ammo racks?

Worse is I see this happening for Italian autoloaders and they completely reload after the ammo rack… so you only get one or 2 shots off if that with a full clip. I sent in several replay to WG for this they confirm on the server “I” selected HE ammo. I have probably 100 replays of this behavior now.

Has anyone else experienced this bug/behavior or is it just me? Looking for folks who experienced this and re-mapped their HE ammo key.

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