AMX 13 105 how to play?

Background: I enjoy lights. play well in most lights (inline to better than my overall WR of 52%). AMX 13 90 is one of my few 2 marks (though admittedly from the days when it was Tier 8).

Cant play scout as mostly matched with T100 or Manti both can out spot me so i usually am dead before i can spot opposing scout (worse an EBR can just drive by spot me and then get away) Cant play DPM role (even if i ignore the hate from my own team for not spotting) since its accuracy and DPM is not that great.

Its not a bad tank (actually has better WR than T100 on NA server). My stats vs T100 (54% WR for me in 211 games) largely indicate that my DPG is higher in AMX (1.3k vs 1.0k in T100) but my assist is lower (1k in AMX vs 1.4k in T100).

My style tends to be support rather than damage dealer so not sure why i am doing more damage in AMX (62 games play).

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