AMX 13 57 – I didn’t expect it to be that much fun

First of all – I’m talking about the premium 13 57, not the tech tree 13 75.

It’s not just a really solid conventional light tank, with 390 base view range (tied for #1 in tier 7), close 3rd for camo, great terrain resistance, etc..

But on top of that, it has this insanely fun gun – 8 shell autoloader, 1 sec intraclip, 14.39 reload time with BIA, food, vents. 720 damage in 7 seconds! For a tier 7 light tank! It’s just absolutely mental and so much fun. I’m fast, I’m sneaky, the 8*90 damage are perfect to quickly finish off multiple low hp tanks at the end of the battle… I think I’m in love.

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