AMX 13 57F Three Marked

3MOE Battle

Personal Blurb:
The AMX 13 57 is the best autoloader at tier 7 – The combination of the gun, chassis and vision control features are unparalleled.

With update 1.14, it gets even better. The +2 km/h from field mods helps us get up to 69 km/h and the option to setup an alternative equipment configuration helps elevate the tank just a little bit more. I opted to run primarily a speed and vision oriented primary configuration but had the alternative setup for smaller maps or when top tier to squeeze out a little bit more damage. Even so, I’m left a little disappointed with the AMX 13 57, I was targeting 2.2k DPG but have fallen short of that target. My overall combined scores are the same as the AMX 13 75, only trading DPG for assist and vice-versa. I suspect if I was a little less active and a little more careful with my exposure times I would have turned in better results.

My advice for future markers is to be aware of your exposure time. While 720 damage within a clip is fantastic firepower, the exposure time of 7s to get it all out can be dangerous. Depending on the context, it’s better to get 3-4 shots off then pull back into cover and reload your clip with the ‘C’ key. Sitting out there exposed for the full 7s is a disaster waiting to happen, whether that’s from TDs, SPGs or actually aware enemies. The biggest threat to a 3MOE run is greed getting the better of us because we sat exposed for a second too long.

Primary Configuration

Primary Equipment Config: Purple Coated Optics | Purple Turbocharger | Purple Vertical Stabilizer
Primary Consumables Config: Large Repair Kit | Large Med Kit | Strong Coffee + Optical Calibration

Secondary Configuration

Secondary Equipment Config: Purple Vents | Pink IAU | Purple Vertical Stabilizer
Secondary Consumables Config: Large Repair Kit | Large Med Kit | Strong Coffee + Stabilizer Greasing


Ammunition: 56 Premium | 0 Standard | 0 HE
Map Bans: Ensk | Himmelsdorf
Crew Skills: 7.80~

Field modification choices

Session Stats:

Battles: 76
DPG: 2,050.55
Assistance: 907.43
Survival Rate: 56.58%

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