AMX ELC bis finally 3 marked! Am I a dirty deal clubber? : )

This was a lot harder than I thought. I had just finished 3 marking the amx12t and 13 75, so thought this would be easy, going back down to tier 5. Two marks wasn’t an issue (I didn’t run food or any directives for that, and used only standard ammo). But holy cow, getting that third mark took some effort. Bought 100 optical calibration directives, ran food, and for the final 1%, I spammed gold for good measure.

My loadout after I hit 90% MOE. Played 273 battles (used the 90mm cannon)

My super long term goal (probably unachievable) is to 3 mark every French light tank. But I get a feeling the 13 57 is going to kick my ass (super excited to get it and play it though).

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