AMX M4 54 gun handling will be worse than when it was first released.

AMX M4 54 when it used to be the worst tech tree heavy in the game had the following:
– 0.01 better accuracy
– 0.29 better aiming time
– same sum of dispersion values ( 18 18 10 vs 16 16 14)

Besides this M4 will remain with buffed gold pen and dpm, but same nerfed top speed. This means you need turbo to reach old speed. Before this slot was “free” and was used for gun rammer plus two other options. HP, V-stab, rammer on original AMX gives the same DPM and mobility like HP, V-stab, turbo on the latest one.

Basically AMX M4 54 is going to get reverted, and if not for the gold pen buff, even nerfed compared to the original state. All that rebalancing to end up at the starting point. Looking at many other changes missing the point (Rhino no DPM buff, Progetto nerf when its under average, AMX 65T nerfed again) only confirms me in my assumption that people working in balancing department are dumber than a shoe, but that was the case for a very long time anyways.

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