An idea to make wheeled vehicles more sensible

I don’t know if this idea was thought or shared before on anywhere but I think it might make wheeled vehicles more sensible. Unlike vehicles with tracks, wheeled vehicles can repair their wheels on the move and reach their maximum speed once they repair all their wheels. This comes with two problems.

First is, it is literally impossible to make them stop, actually they have no reason to stop since repair speed of wheels is not depending on the speed of vehicle.

Second is, it is f.cking nonsense to change tires on the move. It is a huge impact on the reality of the game which is decreasing day by day.

Here is my idea; wheeled vehicles can change their tires only when they stop and activate tire changing process with a certain button. During this process vehicle can not move like a detracked vehicle. Wheeled vehicles can move with their flat tires with a limited speed and start changing their tires in a safe position.

This idea of mine might not be an absolute solution for broken EBR mechanics but I think it is worth to test on sandbox. On the other hand, existence of tier 8 premium might hold WG back to make major changes on these vehicles just to avoid any refund.

Sorry for my English and I hope I could make myself clear. I would love to hear your ideas about this idea and about wheeled vehicles in general.

Edit: Forgot to mention that this idea is for the case of no repair kit. Using repair kit to repair tracks or tires on the move is another topic. My point is, unlike tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles are unstopable and can reach its maximum speed and disappear once they change all their tires on the move.

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