Andrey Biletskiy has left Wargaming

• Andrey Biletskiy did not publicly announce his departure from Wargaming – this became known from his profile on LinkedIn and Facebook. Judging by the page, he left Wargaming in March of this year. Therefore, his tenure at WG was 7.9 years.
• Andrey started working at Wargaming in 2014 as a development producer, at the end of 2016 he became a creative producer, and in March 2017 he became the creative director of the entire WoT PC.

This is the departure of the second person whom we could observe in large streams which communicated with players. Also, Andrey Biletskiy could easily explain the technical aspects and mechanics of the game, explain the formulas or calculate them directly online. And although it sounded difficult in places and like a lecture, no one else did it.

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