Another battle pass tank question

I currently finished 2 chapters and got 9 tokens. I’m on 14th step on the last chapter, so I think I won’t finish it in time, getting 2 more tokens if I can make it to 25. I don’t understand completely how the collection thing works and if I can get another token from there.

So 11 tokens, I would need one more for getting the Kunze. I’m thinking about buying an improved pass for one finished chapter as I have gold. That would give me another 3 tokens I think, so 14 in total, to get the Kunze and some bonds.

I could also get the 777 with the tokens I currently have but I’m not really interested in that tank. I already have the Phase, Char and K91.

Do you think it’s worth purchasing an improved pass for gold to get the Kunze ?

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