Another Tier VIII premium question!

With my gold I’ve managed to collect, I’m seriously toying with another triangle for myself.

How would the 5 tech tree TD’s (Strv S1, Kanonen jadgpanzer 105, AMX CDA 105, T-103 and WZ-120-1G FT) stack up against each other and in the current game state? Which one is more beginner friendly, how aggressive can you play the WZ and T-103 and other such observations.

With the SU-130 PM possibly going on sale this Friday, how does it stack up?

Full disclaimer, I’m going for credit earning over crew training, and as such already have semi decent crews for Sweden, Germany and France to use, but crew books can help for the others if needed.

[EDIT] – while we at it, is the Super Pershing still an okay first choice or has time passed it by? Still debating with this one too as a dark horse choice.

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