Any advice on what to do/learn how to play?

soo ya well as a newbie i am trying hard to get used to the game but it’s just impossible

it doesn’t matter if i go to the frontline or sit back and play passive…

so my wr dropped from like 50 now down to 47 in like a day cuz basically every 8 out of 10 games is lost in less than let’s say…20 seconds?

there is no impact to have or gameplay to learn or improve from…ppl just charge in 4 die instantly others flame and ya the game is over whit me not even leaving the spawn point ^^;

at this point, i don’t really care anymore about wr…i grinded over 600 games in like 11 days cuz what can i do?

most games are a loss and i have to grind these 100-200 exp loses to get more tanks ^^;

i really don’t know what to do to be helpful or just to improve it’s kind of hopeless every game…

i don’t wanna advertise myself but u could even come in live and see this mess or just gimme some advice :/

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