Any competitive NA clans?

I want to be a much better and competitive player. I especially like and want to play more clan wars. Are there any competitive clans willing to take a member/project work into their ranks? My current tanks for CW of note are S. Conc, Obj 277, Obj 140, Obj 430, Leo 1. I seem to normally play 2 or more hours each night. I am hoping to learn from and give back into a clan that raises all tankers. A feeder clan is just fine, provided it is consistently fielding enough players to not have CW canceled all the time. If a feeder clan, I would expect to be raised to the main once specific benchmarks of performance/play improvement are reached. I have a low battle count at 6k, so stats have plenty of room to go up with learning from the right clan. Please give consideration. Thanks

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