Any folks enjoying playing weak/stock tanks?

I had lots of fun playing stock tanks and weak tanks, especially low tier ones. Matilda BP, StuG IV, stock M4A3E8, things like that. Much hella more fun than playing tier 10 and getting murdered or playing T-34/85M and murdering others. Now I’m researching the M26 Pershing, the worst tier 8 tank, ready to see how bad it really is.

Edit: Time to drive out my Chieftain T95, maybe. However the best tier for playing garbage tanks seems to be 5~7 for me, as battles are more fast paced in these tiers. In tier 8 you just hull down or just wait and snipe all the time which is kinda boring.

Edit II: Any tips on how to play a fragile, slow, large medium with an abysmal 190 pen 240 alpha gun with mediocre dpm and accuracy in the most powercrept P2W tier in the game with a zero-perk crew?

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