Any tips for fresh Strv S1?

I couldn’t stop myself and bought Strv S1. I asked previously about this tank and the community here explained to me what it is all about, but I’m such a sucker for the concept that after watching a documentary about Swedish tank project I just went in and bought it.

Problem is, I have horrible experience with it so far. I’m trying my best to replicate successful strategies from YouTube, but I don’t have a crew for it (my T6 swedish TD crew got barely 100% in the tank, no skills yet) and I still miss the turbo (I’m gonna get it from missions, so I didn’t buy it right away). So far, I’m insta-spotted after firing and sometimes even just because a LT showed in a proximity. The moment I’m spotted I’m basically dead. Funny teammates flame at me for camping instead of pushing – lol.

Do I regret buying it? Hell no. I would like to learn how to play it and I know I have to accept that it’s map-dependent. What equipment should I run? I’m not sure if the skill4ltu set is neccesarily the best for me, but I don’t know shit about the game. What skills to prioritize? I wanted to get sixth sense and camo on others. Should I glue myself to redline or should I try to be as agile as possible with positioning?

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