any tips you can give me for improving as a tank destroyer player?


so I’ve been playing for a while now and it may be a case of bad luck or because i’ve been just running in nuts with VI light tanks for the battlepass so i’m not used to it but I keep dying and causing myself death after death with next to no input in rounds.

I play the jagdpanzer tier VI tank and the dicker max

so far I have to say I absolutely hate the dicker. its sooo slow trying to go up a hill for a vantage point sucks. the damage per shot is great but having such a long reload time makes difficult to use in certain scenarios.

the way that I keep dying is generally by forgetting to keep in mind that there may be enemies hiding in bushes or trees when repositioning as well as doing stupid things like thinking there’s only 1 tank there running in to take it out and finding 3.

is there any tips you can give me as i’m trying to get better but it doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment. especially with the dicker. I can’t seem to find a long enough line of sight.

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