Anyone else having Connection/Lag/FPS/other issues since update and possible fix ideas?

Since the update I’ve been having massive issues with one or more of these practically every game: – getting disconnected / game crashing and closing – the tank becoming uncontrollable or responding to controls with 10-20 seconds delay – that thing where your turret starts “twitching” from side to side – FPS drops to 20-30 and stays there – inability to shoot (clicking the shoot button does nothing) – inability to use consumables (trying to press the key for a consumable or clicking on it does nothing)

I’ve tried everything I could think of with mostly no success: – the alt+tab solution I’ve seen recommended for some of these (works maybe 1 every 10 times for the FPS and consumables issues only) – switched servers (ping seems good on both) – removed all mods – used the repair installation option from the client – clean reinstall of the game – clean reinstall of Nvidia drivers

Anyone else having such problems (and possibly solutions)?

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