Anyone know what these premium tanks are?

I assume they are premium tanks still being tweaked for balance or something. Anyone know anything about these tanks?

Bofors Tornvagn (prem tier 8 SE heavy)– looks like a swedish concept 1b T-44 lightweight (prem tier 8 RU light)– a worse LT-432? Edelweiss (prem tier 8 JP medium)– another 240 alpha paper med to keep the STA-2 company? Worse gun but much faster. No armor model but listed values seem respectably thick. *snip* various halloween event NPC tanks T-44-100 variants T-44-100 (this is the main one) T-44-100 (B), (K), (M), (R), (U) no idea what these ones are… server specific variants? Game mode specific variants? Only the regular one and the (U) has MOE reqs listed on for NA and on EU/SEA only the main T-44-100 variant has MOE reqs. WZ-113-II (prem tier 8 CN heavy)– a low alpha WZ-111 with better armor/dpm but no gun depression? No idea what this is. VK 100.01 (P) Ausf. B (prem tier 8 DE heavy)– a higher alpha (490) VK100? Otherwise pretty much identical. Kirovets-1 (prem tier 8 RU heavy)– a worse IS-5 (no gun depression, less armor, longer reload, very fast reverse, otherwise the same) Jagtiger Prototype (prem tier 8 DE TD)– a Jag 88 but 490 alpha, more armor, 1600 health

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