Apology to the T-44 community

I am back here once again to talk about the T-44. This time I am here to say that it is a great tank instead of calling it shit. So recently I posted about how terrible the tank was for me and I got quite a few replies. Thanks a lot to people who gave actual advice! After I got the information I tried to improve my playstyle and I guess I succeded.

When I begun playing with it my average of damage, block and spot was equal to 0 with some exeptional games where I got like 200-400 damage. To say the least I was trash. After playing for a bit I got the turret and tracks, but this was no improvement in my playstyle. After many frustrating games where I died with no damage, block nor spot I went to reddit and complained asking for advice. Got called trash which when I look at it was fair.

After I got the replies I headed straight for the 100mm cannon for it’s high penetration. Now knowing exactly how to efficiently block damage while also dealing damage I started to see an improvement. Right now if I am not alone/don’t make a major mistake I can easily do 1.2k damage per game. May sound like not much but with average 250 per hit and me being a cheapskate I try to fire with normal ammo, not gold ammo. I am satisfied tho I belive there could be an improvement so I still need to practice. My best right now is 1838 damage, 1740 block and 3721 spot. The stats are from different games but often I have high damage and block or high block and spot. Those stats tend to connect for me.

Well I’m gonna say it, stock or not the T-44 is at least decent when used right! I talked about some of the more important parts I learned from my previous post and experience I got using it.

If you are new I’m gonna sum it up real quick:
– Your hull has little to no armour and anything can pierce it. You can only rely on your turret to block damage but it doesn’t always work so don’t be too sure.
– I recommend you get the 100mm cannon. It has the best penetration, and tho it deals less damage, when used correctly it can deal more overtime (500 damage per minute difference due to much higher fire rate). Another point to consider is that the 122mm cannon has terrible accuracy and worse penetration.
– Getting the better engine and radio can help out a fair bit but are not necessary – I didn’t get them but it is a good idea to get them.
– Using gold ammunition. Though it is expensive it will greatly improve your penetration and boost your ability to fight in cities or penetrate obscure areas of nearly hidden tanks. Saved my ass fighting heavy tanks in urban parts of maps.
– You are very mobile, so try to use it to your advantage. If you can’t hit anybody you can just go around them (don’t go into open fields) and get them from the side.

Those are the most important things playing this tank. At least for me.

Well that’s all I had to say. Once again thank you for those who gave me advice on how to use it. And lastly I apologize to the T-44 it is my new favourite tank.

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