Are the highter tiers worth it?

So, I’ m a ftp player with about 5.000 battles. I ended some of my grinds at tier 7 because of reasons.

I’m not sure if I should continue this grinds up to highter tiers. A friend of mine, who plays a few tanks at tier X, told me only to continue the grinds to get to tier 9 when I still want to play ftp, because of the many op powercreep premium tanks at t8.

But after the first t9 premium, I expect that the powercreeping will also continue at t9 in a matter of time. So should I continue with t8 or should I stay at the lower tiers? And wheb I should continue, which grinds should I take then?

My grinds at t7 are: Panther Tiger IS Comet Setter Black Prince P43.ter

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