Armor relevance on HE Shell impact

Recently i got thinking about HE Shells and their impact angle after some random battles.

My Question: What is the actual relevance of the impact angle when a HE shell flies towards a target.

What i found out: In the WG Video where they introduced the HE shell changes, they never mentioned anything about the impact angle. They only mentioned that the effective armor of the tank at the point where the shell detonates is relevant for the calculation.

Now, in some battles i discovered that some HE shells didnt penetrate although they should have. In some cases there were high angles (65 degrees and more) and in some cases they maybe didnt pen because of a penetration low role. I got curious and went to to see what the chances are of HE shells under high angles.

Example with Type 64:

In this scenario the shell has a 100% chance to pen with this 55 degree angle.

In this scenario the shell as a ~50% chance to pen with this 70 degree angle.

In this scenario there is a ~0% change to pen with this angle over 73 degrees.

Now, this says clearly that the angle does matter at some point. With angles over 74 degrees you get a bounce. This would make sense in some way, like if the shell angle is too high it cant detonate.

But what happens if we take another tier 6 tank to shoot the Type to prove this statement.

Here we shoot with the same angle, but with a T34-85m HE. now we have a higher chance.

Is this higher chance because of the higher caliber, or is it because of the slightly higher pen. Either way, it shoudnt change anything since the angle of a bouncing HE shell should be the same, shoudn’t it?

I also testet it with a FV4005 and then you will always pen.

(Interesting fact. You can penetrate a T95 in sidescrape with FV4005. This would mean the angle has no impact since the T95 armor is insanely high. Is this because of the 3 caliber rule, does this apply to HE aswell?)

In Conclusion: What are the rules? Does the angle actually matter even tho WG didnt say anything in their video? Or is it just shell penetration and or caliber of a shell.

If this matter is already discussed or if i missed some infos, excuse me for my blindness (or maybe stupidity lol=

Kind regards and good rng for you all


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