Armour Pen Indicator (Am I Being Dense)?

I came back to the game this month after several years away…mostly just out of curiosity.

One of the many things I’ve been reminded of (besides the game’s ever-present bad points) is how frequently your shots can bounce (or in some cases simply “ghost” though targets) despite my best efforts to aim fully and ensure a “green” pen indicator.

Latest example being my last game just now. I was playing the Tier IV Swedish TD, with a gun having 107mm of pen. I had a couple of shots bounce off the front of an AMX 40, before aiming at the turret and killing it.

I know for a fact the Duck doesn’t have 100mm of armour anywhere, but that it is awkwardly sloped. So am I correct in thinking the crosshair pen indicator colours work off actual armour thickness and not effective armour?

In which case they’re not going to be nearly as useful as you might think, (which is why streamers keep saying its important to know weak points).

As I said, I’ve only been playing for a few weeks after being away for years and in some senses it feels like I’m getting used to the game all over again.

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