Around 600 proper games in and I can’t seem to put in application what I’ve learnt from WOT streamers, videos, playing etc.

Hi fellow Tankers,

I have been involved with the game for around 8 years now (on and off) and played around 2k matches on an account where I had no desire or machine to play the game properly, more than a few years ago. I decided to get on my other account recently in which I have amassed 600 battles and advancing as far as tier 7 in some tech trees after getting back to the game in December. I know I probably shouldn’t care so much about stats with this amount of battles however I just can’t seem to maximise my damage and other stats in games and tend to lose a lot of them in long streaks at times. I’ve done around an average of 300-400 damage as of late which is mediocre if not worse for Tier 6s and 7s and I just can’t seem to be able to use my tanks effectively. For example, I’m trying to do the Soviet Assault TD/ Top of the Tree and tried applying some strats I’ve seen around for the SU100 and SU100M1; I’m bloody terrible at playing those two, admittedly with a really bad crew and mostly stock on the M1. Currently just rage quit after 10 matches in which I’ve lost 7.. I dont like blaming matchmaking or my team especially when I have relatively middle of the table contributions but could that also play a big part as to why I can’t get into good positions etc. quick enough? Whatever else should I try doing…

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