Art of strategy extremely stupid and frustrating AI makes it feel like a burden

Man, you put your heavies on a flank only for them to go fucking sideways/backwards in the middle of a fucking road. They feel like little ducklings with no brain.

And talk about lights, the second you press Q and go away from controlling them they WILL SHOOT and get spotted and killed even in “scout mode”

Both “adaptive” and the defend mode are absolute junk because both have massive downsides.

With adaptive mode they will go backwards and sideways and have 0 clue about their own armor. Or they will stay still and wait while exposing their huge weakspots.

With defence mode they won’t even turn and shoot nearby enemies lmao.

And scout mode? Whats the point when the lights are just going to shoot anyways and get themselves killed.

I would be better of without any AI and just the roadmap AI at the beginning imo.

Strategist is fun to play only 1v1, not 1v7.

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