Artillery Players, I’m Sorry

I’ve been playing World of Tanks for a few weeks and haven’t unlocked any artillery because people have called the class brainless clickers. I have to say this can’t be more wrong, and after being absolutely wrecked multiple times, I now respect artillery players.

In 3 of my last 15 games playing a light tank, I have been hit in the engine by artillery while driving 40-60 kh/hr, and caught on fire all 3 times. I think these players must be ex team fortress 2 pros, with how well they can make leading snapshots. Emotionally scarred after being set on fire the first 2 times, I was zig zagging like crazy, even after I backed behind a slope, because I knew artillery could still hit me. That bastard still got me in the engine, and I just watched in amazement as my burning tank hobbled forward like a viking funeral.

I don’t know why arty players have such a bad reputation, but they seem to actually be skilled.

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