Artillery Sucks, so heres a Chinese Artillery line proposal

(Disclaimer: I don’t know much about the actual specs of these SPGs. All I know is that these are vehicles that actually existed and that they are smaller and have a smaller caliber than the ones we are used to. So take this with a grain of salt and feel free to correct me)

Why? If arty sucks then wouldn’t adding more be counter productive?

Yes but not in this case. See, there are plenty of problems we have with SPGs in this game and their players. The stun mechanic, the damage, the fact that arty players just sit in the base and click 3 times and if they loose they’ll drown themselves etc.

All these flaws can be traced back to the initial design of these tanks in wot. High damage, long reload, bad mobility and of course the stun. This would be a great opportunity to invent a new playstyle.

By adding a new line that doesn’t fit this playstyle we open up the path for more options and a more fun playstyle.

What makes them different?

So let’s talk about the playstyle. These vehicles would be around the size of a medium or heavy tank and would be somewhat mobile. The smaller caliber would also result in less damage and shorter reloads. I could also imagine them having no stun and faster shells but thats up for debate. This would open the door for a more aggressive playstyle. You would be able to switch flanks or fall back effectively. Not as fast as a light tank but still quick. It would mean you can be more involved in the game and somewhat tactical. Similar to the FV304, the tier 6 arty of the Brits or the BC 155 tier 6 of the french. Fast, smaller silhouette, smaller caliber, more options. You would still have the range of the other SPGs but more options and accuracy at the cost of damage and stun. Similar to the other SPGs, this line would also feature bad camo and view range.

I’ve read an article about possible incendiary shells but I’m unsure as to how these could be implemented. They proposed it to be able to destroy foliage but do near to no damage to tanks. I dont think that this will or even could be implemented but it’s an interesting idea.

Changes to go along with it

Limit the amount of artillery on one team to 2 with the chance for 2 being low. Improved hardening now reduces the stun received. When an enemy player drowns you will still be able to shoot them and receive the damage but not the kill. If the player was hit before drowning, the last player to damage the tank will be granted the kill

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