I don’t care if this post is “beating a dead horse”, I don’t care how “nasty” this comes across, I’m saying what everyone that has a GOOD match ruined by Arty is thinking –

Why are the absolute WORST players allowed to deal damage at the back of the map, with no repercussion to their own vehicle?

“ButButButBut- Arty can get counter arty’d!”

When? Literally when? 90% of the battles I have played, NO ONE tries to counter the enemy artillery, instead, they just focus on dealing their own damage, instead of wiping the cancerous whelp off the face of the earth.

The ONLY reason this class exists, is for the Knuckle dragging, Inebriated, mouthbreathers to feel included, instead of actually being forced to LEARN something for once in their lives.

And the GOOD players are forced to deal with it, while they are ACTUALLY contributing to the team, instead of sitting at the back of the map with their thumb up their [REDACTED], while eating their poorly constructed Ham and Cheese Sandwich, drinking a shit choice in beer.

This post will more than likely get banned within the hour of posting it, but I don’t care, I’m sick and tired of a Skilless Class decimating while they have to put no effort in, sorry, that’s too far- I forgot, they have to move their mouse.

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