arty rework… why doesn’t WG

In addition to the obvious stuff like getting rid of arty missions and limiting it to 1 arty per side, I was wondering why WG doesn’t

  • introduce smoke shells- big AOE- would work kind of like the smoke consumable in frontlines by massively buffing the camo rating and nerfing the view range of anyone inside the smoke. Would be a great way to support the team- they can fire out while other people spot. Or a way to blind the enemy for a little while.
  • what about illumination or pyrotechnic shells- burn off the vegetation in an area, illuminate everything in the area (massively removing camo rating, maybe even cause a brief amount of fire damage (not light a fire, just inflict like 2-3 seconds of very low fire damage accompanied with a massive reduction in camo during the effect). Arty would actually prevent camping this way!

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