Asia WOT of tanks is dead. Thanks a bunch


Oceania player… sorry… Asia player here. The match making is so good. Every time I find a game its perfect we only play against the tier we queue with. If only everyone queues with the same tier all them time.

The game is dead for asia/oceania we cannot play with tier 8+. Even at our peak game time we might be able to find a game at tier 8 if we are lucky. If not you get FUCKING KICKED AFTER 5 MINUTES WHAT THE FUCK.

Im fucking done with this game. This match making improvements has killed the game in lower populations. Thanks thanks a bunch.

Edit: Just to clarify we NEVER have more than 100 people in our queue. If we had more leeway to finding a game maybe we could find games. The matchmaking is so strict we cant. so fuck us i guess. im not playing this game.

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