Assembly Shop and the Object 780 are coming to WoT

How it works?

Lasts from June 16th till July 10th Resources need to be spent and Tier 10 tanks can be assembled, essentially skipping the grind for them. You can use the following resources: bonds gold credits free XP blueprint fragments Resources can be mixed in whichever way you want. Different resources contribute differently. Detailed below, each listed amount gives 1% to the progression 8000 Free xp 550 Gold 400 Bonds 16 Universal fragments 25 National fragments 1 million Credits Resources can be withdrawn if the player decides to NOT assembly a tank during the event. Also, if the event ends and the tank is not assembled, resources will be given back.

And now the Obj. 780 (spoiler: OP shit)

the first 15.000 players in a given region will receive it with a special 3D skin which shows the serial no. In essence, every player who receives the skin, will have a uniquely numbered skin. 35.000 more will be available without the skin. Mobility + armor 45/15 km/h 17.5 specific power 34 traverse speed 300/200/60 turret armor 100/100/50 hull armor Firepower 530/530/640 damage 267/311/65 penetration 14 sec base reload time 1,9 base aim time 0,35 base accuracy -7/15 gun depression/elevation

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