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The tool WG provide is great but i made a version in sheets that allows you to jam your currently owned resources in to help you plan.

GO HERE! >> Obj 780 builder tool

How do i use it? Go file, make a copy, start updating column B with all the things you have today, then update column D with what you want to use. Tweak numbers until you’re happy.

It’s not perfect (could say how many of X you need until 100% etc…) but it’s workable by most here i dare say so should suffice considering it’s tomorrow that it starts.

What order should I use what resource? Totally your decision but on a pragmatic level, Blueprints, Free XP, then Bonds / Credits / Gold. Older players will have lots of universal BP’s left over, newer players won’t so it will differ for many of you.

The last 3 choices are a personal choice as to what to spend because…

If you have gold then use it to convert xp to free XP instead of just using gold (better to spend converted XP than gold for this event). If after all your free XP is converted, then gold is what you’re left with. Credits are worth very little in this shop so using them is really only a good idea for those who are super rich. Bonds are hard to come by, are used for the most expensive toys and are not easily to accumulate (events, T10 battles, premium T9 tanks etc…)

I’m not perfect at excel, if i made a mistake or anything is wrong in the rules, let me know.

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