Auction tank leaks in newest micropatch files

In tommorows micropatch few tanks are changed or added to game files. Tanks are:

Wz-113 Beijing Opera – tier 10 113 but with skin, previously exclusive for chinese server

AMBT – Tier 8 american premium medium with italian autoloader. (also he got buffed a littebit from previous super tests)

Obj 268 v5 – Another previously speculated tank. In micropatch his gun got little worse reload and aim time.

And last is WT12 – which is clone of wt auf e100 exclusive on chinese server (stats)

This basically confirms list of tanks for auctions. Nothing else was added so we don’t know what else it can be but probably it will be wz-111 5a Qlin.

source (warning its in polish): source , AMBT parameters , Obj 268 v5 parameters

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