Bad players blaming other people for their mistakes

How do you deal with bad players blaming you for their mistakes.

It pisses me off endlessly, that these objectively inferior players believe, that all light tanks should YOLO around like bad EBR players do, just so they can get their two or three shots of damage pr game. It’s always these really bad players below 50%, that struggle to even do their own hp in damage. If it was someone with <60%, blaming me for something. Then I at least know it’s player with a reasonable understanding of the game, so I might give it a second thought.

It’s not like I play bad in the lights either. I have 60% or higher on all lights with more than 150 games.

Now that Easter is close, a ton of these bad players are actively playing. These bad players make their usual mistakes and then goes full on copium, blaming someone else, because it sure as shit wasn’t their fault they didn’t stop pressing W earlier.

I don’t know what to do about it. If I ignore it, then other bad players join in on the report spam.

If I fight back, other people still join in on the report spam, because it’s always the lights fault. I once mentioned that a player lost more than they won. Then that set off another guy to start spamming report me too. I’ve also been blamed for writing too much in the chat, even though the other guy caps lock spammed to report me, at at least twice the rate I did, but still I was the one to blame for spam, not him.

Today I had a total of 8 different people spam to report me over 30+ games played. One game I had 3 people doing it, checked after the game and all are below 48%.

How is it fair that these brainlets can get me banned for not YOLOing into tank destroyers, or simply because they died.

What do I do? Stop playing?

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