Bad players opinions are worthless and useless


Idk why we accept bad tomatoes giving advice or saying “X tanks is shit, instead Z tank os great”, when they can’t do more than 1500 dmg combined in any tier 10 or when their highest tier is a single premium tier 8.

I admit I’m kinda shit of a player, average I would say. So when I talk about X or Y tank, I make it clear that my experience may and probably will vary from that of others. We all could agree the 277 is one of the best and most competitive heavy tanks in game, yet I struggle doing 2K damage. I can’t and I won’t day the tank is shit, but my skills are. Yet you find players saying “X tank is real shit!” Or something like that, while showing evidently they really don’t know how to play the damned tank.

At the same time, I can do 4K or more with the E4 (well that’s expected, it’s a very capable and high alpha TD after all), but again, I wont say “it’s the best tank ever!!!” But just that I barely make it work.

So that’s it. The only opinions that are worth are those of very good and pro players. I saw some random saying the M48 is a bad tank because it doesn’t do anything well, and that’s is a leo1 but worse. But then that very same player made it clear in comments he play brawling with the tank. No shit genius, you obviously won’t do much brawling with a M48. So his opinion is totally worthless. I would rather listen to a player who can command advances, has solid >65WR in all their tier 10 tanks, do consistently >5000 combined in all of their tier 10 tanks, etc, and not some random dude who brawl with a support/sniper medium.

So to summarize and end this wall, just a little advice for all of you who want to play a tank and search for tips and advice for said tank: find valuable opinions. Don’t let some random tomato stop you from playing an amazing tank just because he says is shit.

I really don’t understand why the community allows bad players on giving advice or giving opinion. Like that guy talking about the Maus and E100 and how he thinks the Maus is better… Yet he can’t even do 2K damage or assisted, according the picture he provided. Yet everyone in comments discussing about it like if it makes any sense. How the hell a bad player can tell E100 is better or worse than a Maus? Let unicums and pro players say that, not a random dude. It’s ok to give your personal opinion as an experience, but not as “my opinion is the only truth, this tank is the best”, except if you are a really pro player, instead say “I, as a tomato, prefer and enjoy the Maus much more since I can make it work better than the E100”, that would be a very much more correct thing to say.


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