Balancing idea for unbalanced tanks

So this thought just occurred to me, and I have no idea if it makes any sense or not, so hear me out.

Recently the matchmaker was changed so that ebrs have to face other ebrs on the battlefield, thanks to this other light tanks have a better chance at doing what they’re good at instead of just being outclassed by an ebr.

I think something similar can be applied to problem tanks such as 279e, chief, concept 1b and so on. These tanks would be limited to 1 per platoon, and would have to face themselves in a match. This way at least you can’t face an impenetrable wall of 3 ebolas in a platoon while playing an AMX 50B, instead you can leave your 279e to deal with the enemy one while you support or deal with other tanks instead.

I am aware this wouldn’t be a perfect fix by any means. For one it will likely piss off ebola and chief players, secondly I’m unsure how new tanks being added be handled, thirdly I’m unsure how many vehicles would be subjected to this treatment, doing it too all reward tanks is excessive, but at the same time singing out vehicles isn’t probably smart either. Lastly this is just a bandaid fix I will admit, however in these days I think it’s basically impossible to expect a major overhaul that adresses this issue.

Thanks for reading.

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