Basic Mechanics Guide: Spot System and Camouflage

If you’re new to World of Tanks, it’s natural to feel frustrated by the game’s mechanics. Worry not, as this beginner’s guide is here to help you. We will delve into the spotting system, view range, and camouflage mechanics, equipping you with the knowledge to excel on the battlefield.

View Range

The colors of the circles on the mini-map may vary depending on the mods you have installed.

– Your tank’s current effective view range is shown on the mini-map as a green line. It may changes due to injured commander, broken observation device, being stunned by SPG etc.

– The maximum spotting distance is 445m, represented by a white line.

You’ll never spot an enemy beyond that 445m although your effective view range exceed 445m, but having a longer view range can help you spot well-camouflaged tanks.

Minimum Spotting Range

At 50m, you’ll always spot an enemy tank regardless of your view range and the enemy’s camouflage. Keep an eye on the light blue circle on the mini-map to avoid accidentally revealing your position.

– This mechanic applies even when obstacles are placed between two tanks so that they can’t shoot each other. So, you can keep spotting the enemy without taking the risk of getting attacked.

Rendering Range

– Tanks outside the yellow circle on the mini-map won’t be visible, but you can still deal damage if you manage to hit them. It’s just really hard to do.

Signal Range

– Low-tier vehicles may struggle with short signal range, causing teammates to appear stationary on the mini-map. To fix this, move closer to your allies or upgrade your radio.

– The signal range is not shown on the mini map.

Camouflage Mechanics

– Your tank’s camouflage value (%) determines how hard it is for enemies to spot you. Vegetation can also provide extra camouflage, but the total value can’t exceed 100%.

Camouflage bonus provided by vegetation can’t exceed 80%. Light vegetation provides a 25% bonus and dense vegetation provides a 50% bonus.

– To achieve 100% camo, your tank needs to have a 20% or greater camo value. Then, you can achieve 100% camo with two bushes.

Spotting Range Calculation

Use this formula to calculate spotting distance:

(Effective View Range) – (Effective View Range – 50m) × (The Enemy Camouflage Value (%))

For instance, let’s assume your view range is 450m and the enemy has a 30.00% camouflage value. In this case, the spotting distance would be:

(450 m) – (450 m – 50 m) × (0.3) = (450 m) – (400 m) × (0.3) = 330 m

This is why having a view range over 445m is still worth it. It can counter the enemy’s camo ability.

Equipment and Crew Skills

You can improve view range and camouflage in various ways:

– Crew Efficiency: Food Consumables, Ventilation, Brothers in Arms

– Equipment: Binocular Telescope, Coated Optics (View Range) / Camouflage Net, Low Noise Exhaust System (Camouflage)

– Crew Skills: Situational Awareness (Radio Operator Skill), Recon (Commander Skill) -> Improving the View Range / Camouflage Skill (General Skill)

– Special Equipment: Commander’s Vision System (Decreases the enemy’s camo)

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