BatChat driver from 2016 unsure if I still can have fun with it

Hello fellow tankers, I have played wot console quite a bit around 2016, had a long break and I just started again but this time on PC. On console I loved playing the Batchat (4000ish WN8) and planned on doing so on PC as well. However, I have read about drastic meta changes and I am unsure if I should stick to the plan to grind the Batchat or if I should go with the Kranvagn. I do love some kind of autoloader (assassin). Yet on console I hated the T57 due to its slow movement. Batchat = love Kranvagn = ? T57 = hate it What do you guys think how I will like the Kranvagn? (I know it’s a heavy and I totally different tank but maybe one of you guys loved the Batchat as well and can help me with your experience). The Amx 105 might be another option but I am not the best scout. Thanks a lot in advance!

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