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Hi, I am signedupjustforthis7 and I am a WOT addict. Former addict, that is, I played 9000+ battles in 2020 due to special circumstances and I just have no time for battle pass 4 and don’t play to repeat this feat.

The million dollar question we all ask ourselves is how many minimum games to play to guarantee to maximize rewards in this season without missing something for just a hair?

Here is my calculation, I hope you’ll find it somewhat useful and share yours with me:

Steel Hunter is not so hard now, these missions give you 40 points daily and I did it today in 5 battles (even got 10 points extra in one of those). This season of BP (Battle Pass) will contain 3 seasons of SH (Steel Hunter): March, April and May. June season is probably too late.

Points from SH: 3 x 7 x 40 = 840 points total

Now, let’s talk playing daily missions. It’s 32 points per day for 90 days = 2880 points total

Now, you get points for placement while you grind daily missions. I am not so good so I suppose I place in top 3 20% of the time, 4-5 20% of the time, 5-10 40% of the time and 20% I get nothing, let’s also say I hover around 50% victory rate so my average points per battle are:

0.5 x (0.2 x 7 + 0.2 x 5 + 0.4 x 5 + 0.2 x 0) + 0.5 x (0.2 x 5 + 0.2 x 3 +0.4 x 3 + 0.2 x 0) = 3.6 points average.

If I need 6 battles on average to solve my 3 daily missions 6 x 3.6 = 21.6 points I get just as a surplus while playing dailies. Let’s round down that to 20. On 90 days it’s 1800 surplus points

My total for 90 days is then: 840 + 2880 + 1800 = 5610 points – it’s 112.2 stages complete – 2 whole chapters and 12 stages into third one. It gets me 9 + 9 + 1 = 19 tokens because I will take improved pass for this progress, you may not. I need 1890 points to complete the damn thing which is 21 points per day which is 5.83 -> 6 additional battles each day. This amounts to a calculation of 12 battles every day for completion while these winrates and placements and daily completions hold up.

19 tokens per season over 3 seasons if they don’t screw with the numbers of later seasons and reward costs would end up as 57 tokens which would allow me to chose kunze for 18, k-91-pt for 12, ae phase for 9 (I already have char) and 777 for 9 and I have 9 surplus.

Lat year I played on average 25 battles every day, I don’t want or plan to do so this year, I plan to live in the real life more, 6 battles per day are fine, 10 battles maybe, 12 battles probably not.

What’s your prediction?

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