Battle Pass Season 9 Raffle and Activities – Win Additional Rewards


Three new 3D Styles and Commanders as well as in-game rewards await you at the end of each Battle Pass chapter, but that’s not all!

Battle Pass Season 9 Commanders

Throughout the new Battle Pass Season 9 you will be able to earn tons of additional rewards by taking part in our Discord monthly giveaways, Contributors challenges and the Season 9 Raffle!

What rewards you expect from those activities?Premium Vehicles, Days of Premium Account, in-game Gold and much more!

Where to start?

Check out the World of Tanks EU Discord monthly giveaways (#battle-pass-giveaway channel) on our official server where we will be giving away Premium Vehicles and Gold > We teamed up with some of our EU Contributors and they will be running in-game challenges during those three months. Keep an eye on the World of Tanks Challenge board and join the challenges set by our CCs! They’re all open to the public but some will require skill, good luck! > https://challenge-eu….net/challenges And finally, the grand prize will be waiting for you in the Season 9 Raffle, where 15 lucky winners will get the chance to win up to 7500 Gold, Premium Vehicles and Days of Premium Account. All you have to do is complete Battle Pass chapters and sign up to the raffle. Learn more about the raffle and how to participate here > Or you can sign up already here >

Important Notes

* The activities stated above are only for EU Region.

* Learn how to get your SPAID here.

* Personal information (email. SPAID) gathered in the raffle form will be used and kept internally for crediting purposes and then deleted in the following 30 days to comply with the GDPR regulations.

* Those are three separate activities and all WoT EU players can participate in all three activities and different challenges simultaneously.

Good luck!

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