Battle Pass Season 9 Raffle NA Extension! New end date, more winners!

Greetings, Tankers!

This is your friendly neighborhood Domosapien popping by with an update regarding the Season 9 Battle Pass raffle that my colleague Dwigt_WG posted a couple months ago:

Click here to check out Dwigt’s post for more details/context, but here’s the deal:

We are extending the deadline for players to enter the Season 9 Battle Pass raffle to November 23rd, 2022 (11:59 PM Pacific time)

Additionally, we will be selecting an extra 2 players from NA as winners for the big raffle, and 3 extra players from NA for the small raffle.

If you have completed any stages (or all stages) of Battle Pass season 9, you’re eligible to enter one or both of our Season 9 Battle Pass raffles. If you completed some stages, you can enter the small raffle, and if you completed all the stages, you can enter the big raffle as well.

To check out the Raffle details and access the submission form, please click on this link

Additionally, we have some additional giveaways going on in our Discord community! Check out the World of Tanks Discord monthly giveaways (#battle-pass-giveaway channel) on our official server where we will be giving away Premium Vehicles and Gold >

Important Notes

Here is a helpful video demonstrating how to locate your SPA ID Please note that the URL for NA players will be, not

Personal information (email. SPAID) gathered in the raffle form will be used and kept internally for crediting purposes and then deleted in the following 30 days to comply with the GDPR regulations.

Good luck, and happy tanking <o

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