Battle Pass Token rewards: Decisions decisions decisions.. .

Hey guys. I have a question about those Battle Pass Token reward tanks and I was wondering if some more experienced WoT players could help me choose which one to get. Technically, I can buy any of them and I have currently none of them (so none of last years rewards).

Historically, I’ve always been better with slower, more heavily armored tanks. I’ve got some good experiences with the Löwe as a sidescraper. I don’t have much experience with “hull down” tanks though (going for some heavy soviet tanks next). I absolutely love the M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo and the KV-2 (yes yes I know, the “ape” tanks, but I got to be honest: I love them). That said, their lack of speed can sometimes work on my nerves.

I feel like I don’t have much patience for “faster” tanks. I just drive and scout but I often overextend and get blown to smithereens. I don’t really enjoy tank destroyers that much. I don’t like their lack of mobility and the fact that I can’t rotate my turret. But that said, maybe I am just playing them entirely wrong (I probably am, I need a mentor).

I’m not looking for the most “OP tank”. I do like collecting tanks too. I’m just looking for a fun tank or a tank that can learn me a few new things about this game that I’ve grown to love. I’m wondering which of these tanks would be best for a casual player like myself? I hear good things about the AE Phase I. Should I? Or should I go for the “most expensive one”, the Kunze Panzer? And if so, why?

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