Battlepass reward tank as a mostly f2p?

Heyo, I recently got the itch again after an 8 year long hiatus, so installed the game and enjoy myself.

I have a couple of premium t8s, which are all pretty bad given they’re at least 10 years old and didn’t really fair well in the time, and I have enough bonds for another t8 bond vehicle.

My question is, is there a battlepass t9 reward tank, that doesn’t lose as many credits on average than the rest? I’m primarily looking for a heavy to complete the campaigns with, because my T34 just can’t do anything. From basic movement to utter trash tier gun handling, it’s just not fun.

I know that the reward tanks do not have a credit multiplier, and apart from the occasional premium day, I do not plan to run a premium account as of right now. (Currently sitting at 46 premium days due to coming back bonus, events and such)

So, tl;dr: AE phase 1/obj 777 v2 decent for f2p, or should I rather get bounty gear for the tokens and…idk, stuff it inside my t34

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