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In my, so far, last game I was in game with a player called lorddlo25. He is usually annoying his TD or Arty by standing in the bushes on spawn or blocking the line of sight or just beeing an asshole. When you try to push him out he is shouting on chat “REPORTED” and according to what he is writing on chat he is very sure that the ban will be on and last long but he is showing himself as a victim. Me and my friends were his victims too. He was blocking us, and standing behind, we pushed him out and after 1 hour: I got banned for 4 days, my frind got banned for chat for 5 days. Probably he is a WoT worker or knows someone who is and is abusing his position. Just stay away from this player in MM. You can also watch his replays (witch he is uploading by himself xD) and form your own opinion. (replay with me title: “Jacara+Ararek+grosskomtur reported!!!”

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