Best 8lvl bond tank. 2022-06-11

New bond tanks added. Have 12k bonds.

Im not good player let say, doing about 1000-3000dmg in a battle. 3.8K rating.

Premium/bond tanks I have now: object 252U, elc even 90, amx mle. m4, wz 120-1g-ft, t92, m4a1 rev., 112, sta-2, t34-3.

Also had before(traded for others) : T77 – u need to play as medium, but low camo, long reload time, paper armor, trollish gun. Not worked for me. Patriot same story. U need to play as medium a bit, not fast, low camo, low alfa, everyone shoots gold on me. Not worked for me. No fun with them at all for me. Guard – not worked very vell because of low gun depression and turret position.

Searching for somthing to punish others tanks and make some credits.

Or just save bonds and buy 10lvl: FV215b or Foch 155 ? FV215b kinda interesting tank. Foch 155 have high alfa 750, 3 shots, but trollish gun a bit.

Not enought polls to post all tanks, so will add most interesting tanks. Other options u can comment down below in comment section. Don’t hesitate to post ur opinnion about all these tanks in todays meta how are they. Thanks

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