Best set up for AoS (Opinion)

So I love the new Mode and I experimented with setups and found one that gave me 90% winrate.

The setup is :




Obj 705A

Tvp 50/51

Amx 13 105


Let me explain why :

Obj 705A: This one is very good. It has the best armor and works great for the maps. I use it to hold most important spots in heavy flanks.

Sconq & T110E5 : Those are similar. They sit behind the 705A hidden to come out and brawl at the right Moment with high firerate and dpm.

T110E3: This one is comparable to the 705A. It holds flanks but hulldown with its ernourmous Pen. I had a round where it did 9.4 damage out of 13k Team HP. Its in my opinion the strongest melee unit.

Badger: This one is played differently than e3. It holds a flank alone while the others fight to avoid flanking the heavies. When loosing this one will most likely the last one alive and be able to turn the game.

Tvp 50/51: this one is very flexible. Its used for many situations. It can sniper/flank and reach positions quickly. This one is played passively until End game.

Amx 13 105: This one should be controlled the most by strategist. Its used to find out if a flank is empty and to quickly burst 1.2k. Also can be used like tvp in endgame.

Those new stationary thingies:

Tank gun Big turret Arts rocket thing

These are Mainly placed near the Badger to support defense.

So this is basically my set up. It always works great for my playstyle and I enjoy it. It made my reach 65th worldwide but people will get over me probably.

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