Best Sniper build

I dont really post here, and i have (very) loosely played for about 8 years now. I have worked to almost getting the to T28, thinking the doom turtle was going tp be the best think for me.

But i find i really dislike slow vehicles and slow hull rotation. I dont mind the T25 AT, but i find it to be a little too often disappointing in combat, im only useful agaisnt artillery, slow light tanks, most medium tanks, and weaker heavy tanks if they are below half health. Occassionally other TD’s, but i too often get overrun by speedy light tanks from behind, or destroyed by any other type of tank if theres 2 or more in front of me. Let alone the fact i deal JUST enough damage to get them to fall back before i reload, and JUST enough penetration to damage most dangerous tanks from the side or behind, so they notice and face me, where i cant Pen them. (end of rant,) i do enjoy it though, just slightly too many games with no kills and under 1k xp.

Is there a better Sniper tank that is similar too but better than the T25 AT from another country i could work towards? Or just generally any insight you may have.

I appreciate any feedback, even just opinions. Keep in mind im not an expert at this game, just at a point where im having a harder time having fun.

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