Best tier 10s to grind for. Need suggestions on a couple super heavies to add to the list and opinions on if my list is good or not

So i have been doing my own research on which tier 10s to grind for (i already have the obj 430u as my only tier 10, and the Conqueror at tier 9) and i have come up with this list. I am currently grinding all of these tank lines and i need a suggestion for a couple super heavies to add to the list. Im not exactly sure what qualifies as a super heavy but i was thinking of choosing between the Maus, the IS-7 or the 60TP. The four heavy tanks im grinding for right now are the Obj 277, the wz 111 5a, the kranvagn and the super conqueror. I dont know if any of those count as super heavies. Basically i want something that doesnt really have to be hull down to take allot of hits with very little to no dmg taken. I also need some opinions on my list that im grinding for and if there are any tanks i should remove from the list or if there are any that i missed that i should add to it or replace some with.

My list is as follows:

Heavy tanks: Super Conqueror, Kranvagn, WZ 111 5A, Obj 277

Medium tanks: STB-1, Obj 140, Leopard 1, TVP T 50/51, M48 Patton (and already own the Obj 430u)

Light tanks: EBR 105

Tank Destroyers: STRV 103B, Obj 268 4, T110E3

Is this a good set of tanks to grind for? What are some tanks i could add, remove, or replace? And what are some good super heavies? Are super heavies even worth playing?

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