Big achievement for a big noob!

I just wanted to share with you a little joy of mine: I’ve managed to get my first MoE on my T32 in only 48 games.

Yes I know great players can do better in less games, but to give you a little context I’m a 820 wn8 player who started playing only in march of last year. So big noob time and skill wise.

I’m also very proud of the fact that in just one year I’ve managed to get to 820 general wn8 – it ain’t much I know, but is better than full tomato 500 right? – and 1300ish 30 days recent one (all true, my ign is Lord_Grater if you wanna check) and also my win rate is steadily improving (right now I’m sitting around 45% general, my noob debt, but once again recent one is 50 so average to decent I guess).

All this considered you’ll understand why I’m so proud of getting a MoE so fast in a tank that really isn’t meta atm.

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