Black Market: Rule Number 9

More explanations on the secret warehouse system. Source: EU Portal.

[NEW!] Rule Number 9: Buying contraband is risky, but worth it!

Didn’t expect to see me here, did you? Forget the Salesman. I stole his business and swiped several very cool vehicles from his Secret Warehouse. Now I’m the one making the rules in the Black Market, and it’s so much better for you, my dear customer! Why have a middleman when you can now buy straight from me?

I suggest you take a chance and participate in this underground sale of mine. This is how it will work:

  • Purchase a special access key from me to unlock the Secret Warehouse.
  • One of the vehicles from the previous Black Markets will be waiting for you in the Warehouse. Click on the button to see a list of all the vehicles available for purchase.
  • Spend credits on additional supplies, and I’ll bring out other cool tanks from previous Black Markets for you. The first unlocked tank and the vehicles from the additional supplies will be sent to free slots. They’ll be available for selection until the Warehouse closes.
  • You can only pick one vehicle from the available slots.
When you unlock the Secret Warehouse or pay for additional supplies, you won’t get vehicles that you already have in your Garage or that can be recovered in the Depot. Each supply contains a unique vehicle, and you will not receive the same tank twice. Funds for the purchase of the access key and your additional supplies are non-refundable.
  • You can order additional supplies up to 4 times. It all depends on how many tanks from the Secret Warehouse you already have. The cost of each subsequent supply is more expensive. Check it out.
Supply Cost in credits
1 900,000
2 1,150,000
3 1,400,000
4 1,650,000
  • After the sale of the access key starts, you have up to 24 hours to buy it, unlock the Secret Warehouse, order supplies, and choose a vehicle.

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