Blitz to Regular…help!

TL;DR: I am an old blitz player that is now coming to PC and am struggling despite being a pretty good player on blitz due to my lack of PC map knowledge. Any tips to learn positioning quicker and how to hide from arty without camping all game.

So when I was about 10 years old I found this cool little phone game called world of tanks, I installed it and got very frustrated as I thought that HP was the only thing that determined who won a fight.

I got frustrated and immediately got my account banned for teamkilling….10 year old me made a new account as a changed man.

I began doing my thing, grinding tanks I thought looked cool until one day I got stomped by this funny looking tank which I later found out was the hetzer. I wanted this tank badly and in an era where there were only Germans, Soviets and Americans, the Hetzer was ridiculously over powered.

This tank gripped my attention to the game and I began to look videos up on YouTube, many of which by TheMightyJingles in order to improve my play.

Many days have gone by and I have improved since all those years ago, I’m not a unicorn but I do have a 56% win rate after about 17k games with every tier X unlocked from my favorite nations, Germany and the USSR. In addition the videos I watched from Jingles got me interested in history, which I am working towards a BA in today.

Recently I have finally gotten a PC but unfortunately for me, my skill in the mobile version has not translated into the PC version in the slightest.

I know how to angle, how to sidescrape and how to go hull down, how to wiggle and read the map as well as all the weaknesses and weak spots of nearly every tank in the game. What I don’t know is the maps, I am getting stomped in every game because I don’t know where to go, what positions to take what tanks are best where. I don’t know the positions of snipers or when I am exposed and I am struggling greatly with being nailed by artillery.

My question is, do you guys have any tips on map knowledge, how to learn quickly and any tips for hiding from artillery.

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